MyTask release notes

July 13th, 2019

MyTask App v1.0.10

- Promo codes: You’re now able to share MyTask with friends to earn credit towards Tasks you post. Your friends will earn credit too!

- 'Ask a Question': Before assigning a Tasker, you can now ask them questions to confirm they're the best Tasker for your needs.

- Performance improvements.

May 17th, 2019

MyTask App v1.0.8

- Deeplinking of push notifications to actual sections they are referring to.

- Added read receipts to private messages.

- Ability to send images via private message.

- Ability to click links sent via private message.

- Added a 'mark all as read' notification button.

- Speed improvements.

May 7th, 2019

MyTask App v1.0.7

- Display email address that the verification code is sent to on verification screen.

- Edits to uploading of photo capibilities.

- If I delete a Task I am now shown a confirmation modal.

- Increases to character limits in bio and offers.

- Added more user friendly error messaging for commonly experienced errors.

- When making an offer, Taskers will see exactly how much they will receive after fees.

- If I view a notification outside of MyTask and tap on it, this now marks my notification as 'read'.

February 20th, 2019

MyTask App v1.0.2

- If you register through Facebook, your Facebook profile picture will automatically be used as your MyTask profile picture.

- If you register through Facebook, you shouldn’t have to enter your Facebook email/password. Other apps take the login info directly from your phone and only ask you to “allow”. This will now happen on MyTask.

- If you register through Facebook, you will now not skip the MyTask tutorial.

- Fixes to the "Browse" screen radius function.


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